To Update or Buy New. That is the question…

Many homeowners eventually confront the situation whether to update current home or buy a new one. With the market strengthening, buying a new home may seem like a tempting offer, but before you go out and spend your whole nest egg, here are a couple reasons to remodel rather than embark on a house hunt:

1.  Remodeling Increases the Value of Your Home

Remodeling is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving.  You will see a return on investment after a bath or kitchen remodel as well as some other remodels, including:
  • Adding hardwoods where there was carpets
  • Adding an exterior deck
  • Adding on space
  • Or simply remodeling to improve the current flow of movement and use throughout the space in the house

2. Keep Your Money Where It Belongs… in Your Wallet

Another reason to remodel vs buying a new home is that you will avoid a lot of the costs associated with selling your existing home, for example:
  • The actual price of the home
  • Home inspection fees
  • Updates you look to make
  • Moving fees
  • Etc.

3. Don’t Leave The Place You Love

Many of us consider buying a new home because we are not completely satisfied with the way things are in our current living space, however, you may cherish the location.  You may love the neighborhood, have children in local schools, or in convenient proximity to everything, already this even more incentive to improve rather than replace.  This supports our efforts as a company devoted to giving back to the community to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
We hope these tips help you in making your decision to renew your home vs. buying a new one all together.